Commercial Appliance Repair

We recommend our preventative maintenance services (see below). But if things go wrong, we can fix and maintain almost every problem with almost every appliance in every commercial kitchen.

We have over 30 years of commercial appliance repair knowledge and experience. We service our existing customers and frequently take calls from new customers fed up with their old provider.

We service and repair all – but are not limited to – the following equipment: Commercial Dishwashers and other Dish Machines, Ice Machines, Deep Fryers, Flat Tops, Grills, Fans, Electronics and more.  We can repair any commercial kitchen appliance.

Preventative Maintenance

A critical service every restaurant needs is preventative maintenance.Let’s focus on cost savings and dependability of equipment, shall we?) We can keep equipment running longer and more cost effectively both from energy savings and avoiding costly repair bills. Allow us to identify and rectify situations before they arise to save you downtime and higher repair costs that potentially will arise during emergency situations. We will clean things that needed cleaning, adjust things that need adjustment, and identify weak or deteriorating parts. In most cases you will save money during and after our first visit!


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