Oil Filtration

Why Wisconsin Environmental Services/Envirotech Kitchen Operations?

Our clients have peace of mind, knowing that a professional is responsible for maintaining the deep fat fryers and broasters, monitoring and assuring the oil quality, and keeping the fryers clean and maintained to professional standards.

Filtering allows for longer oil life, which in turn saves our clients time and money on oil use, purchasing, labor, and cleaning.  Our clients not only benefit by saving money, but at the same time the hassle of cleaning the fryers and handling the oil is no longer their chore to bear – we take that burden away!

Benefits derived from our services include:

  • Better tasting food
  • Longer lasting oil
  • Less overall oil usage=money saved
  • Reduction in cleaning supplies
  • No need for boil outs
  • Decreased handling of oil = decreased liability

How do we do it?

We are a mobile service.  We filter the cooking oil on site with a machine that filters the oil down to a level of 1 micron!  Some kitchens have filtration devices on their fryers that reduce the micron level to 200 microns.


Only you can calculate your savings….

Other restaurants in the area have found that our service and fees make sense after looking at:

  • Labor for fryer maintenance
  • Liability concerns (insurance, lawsuits) from oil-related incidents or accidents
  • Chemicals for fryer cleaning and boilouts

With the benefit of professional cleaning of the fryers and a fryer management consultant on board, WES/EKO hopes to bring your restaurant a service like no other company can provide.  Contact us and try our service today!  We do not require any contracts or agreements to be signed.


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