Wood Products


  • We specialize in small load quantities of 200 pallets or less but can deliver up to 600 at a time
  • No delivery or fuel fees
  • Repair and return pallet programs: We pick up your broken wood pallets, repair them in our shop and return them to you
  • ‘Junk’ pallet removal: We will come to you, load up your scrap pallets (or wood remains) and bring it back to our facility for processing

Lumber: New or Refurbished

  • Refurbished lumber:  We cut all pieces to your length requirement!  Lumber is stacked and shrink wrapped on a skid or pallet and delivered to your facility.
  • We have many lumber sizes, new and refurbished.  Contact us with your needs.

Common sizes:

1” x 4” –  up to 8’ lengths
1” x 6” –  up to 8’ lengths
2” x 3” x 4’
2” x 4” x 4’

  • Ask about lumber pricing and sizes!


  • Reduce your company’s carbon footprint by buying local
  • Local company employing local people means more jobs in the local economy
  • Pallets are restored by hand for superior quality
  • All wood products are used until they are no longer usable, then separated and stacked for firewood or mulch.

Request a quote:

Send us your contact information and we’ll reach you within 48 hours to gather some questions and develop a quote.  Putting your phone number in the “comments” will expedite this process.  We promise not to share your contact information with anyone outside of our small staff at Wisconsin Environmental Services.


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